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Carry Concealed Classes 
Consignment and Estate Sales 

StuffThatsToooCool will facilitate your transfer.  If you are buying from an online auction or an internet gun store we are happy to complete the necessary background check and all your paperwork.  The fee for transfers is $35.00.  

These are small classes with a maximum of 8 persons. They are scheduled so that the participants can attend around their busy schedules. Families and couples are encouraged to attend all together We cover all of the required material for the Illinois Concealed Carry application process. The small class size allows for an interactive learning environment. 

Private classes are available for individuals, couples, and families.  

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We have had excellent success helping to find homes for items you no longer need.  As a general guideline we can take guns on consignment in several arrangements.  The most popular by far is the arrangement where we leave the price up to the market so, in a bid situation the gross proceeds are commissioned to StuffThatsToooCool at 25%, all auction fees, shipping, and packaging are then deducted with the net to the consignee.  Using us assures that all state and federal guidelines are respected and protects the seller from most liabilities and certainly the hassle. Please reach out if you have a special gun or situation you would like to discuss.

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