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Welcome to StuffThatsToooCool.  We are a competitive priced, customer focused, source for all your shooting needs.  Please look around and if you see anything you would like to add to your collection reach out and we will do our best to get that item as quickly as the state, local and federal laws will allow. I ship directly to your FFL or order for pick up at my business.  We have agreements with some of the nation’s most competitive wholesalers.  That relationship gives you access to over 4500 firearms. Simple transactions and limited fees keep your cost to a minimum. 

Here is how we work.  Find that special product and fill out the contact form with the UPC number.  The UPC is completely unique and prevents getting the wrong thing.  We will send you an invoice within the next 24 hours.  You may pay by credit card with a 3.5% convenience fee or check, money order, etc.  Upon the cleared financial portion, the item is shipped to your FFL or to our store.  The paperwork and background check completed and you have your new favorite piece.   

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