What I do

I am offering many of the world's favorite handguns and long guns, ordered specifically for my customer. I work with competitive, well stocked wholesalers to get your latest acquisition quickly and at a price that wont break the bank.


Passion for precision


In the past few years my hobby has moved from an interest to a passion for shooting and collecting firearms. I recently formed a small business by applying for a Federal Firearms License.  This licensing allows me to engaging in the buying, selling and transferring of wide range of quality firearms.  I would like to earn a status as your preferred supplier.  My philosophy of business is simple.  Be fair with my customers; appreciate them as I would any friend.  Search out reliable advice in order to be of assistance as others pursue their hobby, sport, and or passion.  Build a solid financial foundation with a profitable business assuring that I will be there in the future for my customer’s needs.

Mark A Anderson

DBA StuffThatsToooCool

Learning to serve Him